How It Works

Welcome to the Juniper Grove Nights Hosting Team! To learn more about what to expect during the tour process and how it works, take a look below:

  • Once you have been accepted as a tour host, your blog will be listed on the Tour Hosts page.
  • We will send you email announcements about upcoming book tours that you can actively participate in.
  • To participate in a tour, simply fill out the sign-up Form or reply to the email announcements.
  • If you don’t think the book is a good fit for your blog, simply delete the email and wait for the next announcement.
  • If you are selected to be a tour host for a tour, you will receive an email update with the completed schedule, media kit, and any unique content that you requested.
  • Most giveaways will be tour wide to help ensure the winners are selected and receive their prizes in a timely manner.
  • Please feel free to add the Juniper Grove Nights Host button to your blog. You may link it to


JGN Hosts


~ Interviews and Guest Posts ~


If you have an interview question template, please make sure it includes your name (or blog title) so that we know who it belongs to. We keep the interview templates on file so once we have it, there is no need to send it for each tour you are interested in participating in. If you select the interview option on the sign-up form and we have your template, we will send it to the author automatically to help keep the tour organization running smoothly.

If you would like to include a guest post from the author, please include a guest post topic when you sign up (or you may email it to me). If a topic is not provided, we will send a topic on your behalf. To ensure the topic is something that will interest your readers, please send a topic our way.


~ Book Reviews ~


We understand that not all readers enjoy the same kind of books. We ask that you only request a review copy of books that interest you. Should you read a book and decide it warrants a negative review, please make sure the review is not mean, hateful, or derogatory in nature. You’re welcome to post all honest reviews during the event, though if possible, please post negative reviews after the tour has ended. This aids in positively promoting the book. Also, some sites are enforcing a disclaimer so be sure to include at the bottom of your review that you received a review copy from Juniper Grove Nights, or the author, in exchange for a review.


~ Tour Posts ~


If you are selected as a host or a tour, you will receive a media kit. Please include all of the information in the media kit in your book tour post, in addition to the unique content (interview, guest posts, etc). Make sure that the tour banner is displayed at the top of your post. Though we do include an HTML file for ease of posting, we encourage you to personalize the post and make it unique to your blog.

Please have your tour post up as early as possible. We suggest that you set it to automatically post at midnight EST. If you prefer to manually post, you can post it before going to bed if needed. Please make sure that all posts are up no later than 7 AM EST. Also, if for any reason you are no longer able to participate in a tour in which you have been scheduled, please let us know as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made. We understand that life happens and unforeseen circumstances arise but good communication is key to a tour running smoothly.

If possible, please make sure that the tour post is the TOP post on your blog for the day that you are scheduled to be a host. This allows the author and anyone following along with the tour to find your post easily. Though it is encouraged, it is not required.


~ Book Tour Hosts Exclusive Giveaway ~


Each month there will be an exclusive giveaway for just the hosts who have participated in tours that month. For each tour that you successfully host, you will receive one (1) entry into the giveaway. To make it easier on you, and to make sure all eligible hosts are entered, we will be keeping track and adding the entries for you.



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